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Nocturne Sounds’ “Trashcan” Kontakt Instrument FREE for Subscribers

Nocturne Sounds'

Nocturne Sounds have announced their Trashcan virtual instrument for Kontakt is free for anyone who signs up for their newsletter.

Want to smash some trash? We took a metal bin and hit it with anything we could lay our hands-on.

This Kontakt instrument features hand hits, plastic hits, metal hits, and even a coat hanger for a range of different percussive sounds. An ideal junk percussion sample library to add to your collection.


  • Two microphone positions recorded in 96kHz 24bit
  • A range of scrapes, metal hits, hand hits and plastic hits
  • 8x round robins for all articulations except scrapes
  • Built-in convolution reverb
  • Easy installation process using the free Pulse Downloader app
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Trashcan requires a full version of Kontakt 5.8.1 or above (does not work in Kontakt Player). Usually costs £4.99, but if you subscribe to Nocturne Sounds newsletter, you’ll receive it for free.

More information: Nocturne Sounds



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