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    Landon Viator Releases Auto Gain Stager FREE Utility Plugin


    Landon Viator has announced the release of Auto Gain Stager, a free utility plugin that automatically gain stages for you.

    From Landon Viator:

    “What this plugin does is listens to your track for three seconds (start playing where the loudest section is), calculates the average RMS of the listen area, then automatically adjusts the gain whatever amount needed to push the average RMS to -18 dB, whether it’s under or above the -18 dB threshold.

    When testing with very dynamic material, the calculated RMS seemed to be off from what my eyes were telling me, but rigorous testing with different types of signals shows that your eyes can be deceiving you when it comes to guessing the average RMS, so trust this plugin!”

    See also: LV 50A free equalizer VST/AU plugin by Landon Viator


    • Automatic gain staging to -18 dB
    • Trim knob with -18…18 dB of gain multiplication in case you need to further adjust the gain.
    • Reset button that will re-listen to the audio if you started playing in the wrong spot.
    • Phase flip button to invert the phase.

    Auto Gain Stager is available in macOS AU & VST3 and Windows VST3 plugin formats. You can download it for free on Landon Viator’s Patreon (requires a free account). You can also support the author by becoming a patron.

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