Join Loopcloud and Get “I Heart NY” Compressor Plugin for FREE!

    For a limited time, anyone who register for a Loopcloud 30-day free trial receive a free copy of the I Heart NY compressor plugin by Baby Audio.

    I Heart NY gives you authentic “New York Style” parallel compression, with a warm, punchy flavor. This technique can take time to master – but not if you have I Heart NY.

    This nifty plugin does all the hard work for you. You can just sit back, work on your tracks, and enjoy the sound of a modern classic that heightens any genre you desire.

    Ready to try out Loopcloud’s game-changing software? Now’s a perfect time. Sign up today and take control of Loopcloud’s innovative features for one month and get a quick and creative compression plugin from Baby Audio.

    What you get

    • Loopcloud free for 1 month
    • I Heart NY plugin
    • 1 GB Loopcloud sample pack
    • Access to over 4 million sounds
    • Best DAW integration
    • 100 points to spend on sounds
    • Loopcloud DRUM and PLAY plugins
    • 8 loop editors to build out ideas
    • Full effects rack for sound processing

    The free offer ends July 18th and is valid for both existing and new Loopcloud subscribers. Learn more about the offer at Loopcloud, or follow this link to sign up for the 30-day free trial, if you’re not a subscriber yet.

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