Float Is a FREE Library Inspired by Granular Synthesis (Kontakt & WAV)

    Ben Burnes has announced the release of Float, a new sample library for Kontakt and WAV, free throughout the month of June.

    Ben Burnes told us:

    “This pack is inspired by granular synthesis. Specifically stretching out tones and sounds into long drones using software like Paulstretch. This captures four different sounds (piano, Rhodes, bells, and chimes) and allows you to sweep between them.

    I have also included the original samples used to make this instrument if you wanted to experiment on your own. I also included some raw audio exports of the sound in case you aren’t a Kontakt user. You’ll still have access to some of the processed audio :)

    This was a ton of fun to mess around with. Adding some reverb and delay expands the space and makes it a wonderful textural layer in your music.”

    Float is usually available under a pay what you want pricing system ($2.99+ minimum), but until June 30, you can download it for free if you use coupon code Clouds at checkout. Of course, if you want to support the author, you can purchase this library.

    More information: Ben Burnes Gumroad

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