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    Cymatics Releases Space FREE Reverb Plugin With 3 Modes

    Cymatics has released Space, a free reverb plugin that includes 3 reverb modes and lots of unique features to completely customize your sound.

    At first, it may look simple, but in reality, it’s a complete powerhouse for adding depth to your mix.

    When set to Space mode, Space Lite with its included pitch, chorus and flanger effects, allows you to completely transform your reverb’s sound. Rather than adding the effects to the entire sound, it will only affect the reverb signal. For example, you can make the reverb have a psychedelic effect by adding a phaser or flanger.

    By combining these powerful effects with the built-in distortion, EQ, and filter, there are limitless possibilities of how you can transform your reverb.

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    Space Lite is useful for synths, instruments, drums, vocals, etc. It is available in VST/AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS.

    A full version of Space with over 20 reverb modes will come out on June 11th. It will be included for free with the purchase of Cymatics’s new Destiny Melody Collection.

    More information: Cymatics

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