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    Spitfire Audio Releases LABS Bass Guitar FREE Virtual Instrument


    Spitfire Audio has announced the release of Bass Guitar, a new expansion library for their free LABS virtual instrument.

    Ranging from smooth and soulful to punchy and driven, these classic bass sounds have been recorded by Spitfire Audio’s Leo Wyatt, and re-amped through a vintage Ampeg at Hackney’s Premises Studios.

    With four presets and seven controls, this versatile LABS classic will add depth and rhythm to your tracks.

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    Bass Guitar works within LABS, Spitfire Audio’s plugin platform for loading all their free libraries. In order to download it, you will need an account at Spitfire Audio, then the Spitfire Audio App installed on your computer. The versions available are VST for Windows and VST/AU for macOS.

    More information: Spitfire Audio

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