Orchestral Tools Releases Crucible FREE Library for Sine Player

    Orchestral Tools has announced the release of Crucible, a free sample-based library for their Sine Player freeware virtual instrument plugin.

    Crucible is an exquisitely sampled church organ with a powerful, majestic spirit. From resonant hums to fiery, triumphant swells´╝Źthe sound is big, robust, and colorful.

    Sampled from a late Baroque-style pipe organ from a gothic church in southern Germany, Crucible offers a choice of sustains and staccatos, all recorded with 3 mic positions.

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    Crucible runs within Sine Player virtual instrument plugin for Windows and macOS (free download, VST, AU and standalone). When you download it, you also receive Layers Studio Ensembles, a full studio orchestra library including strings, brass & woodwinds.

    Crucible and other Sine Player free libraries can be found at SineFactory, a free instrument subscription service.

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