Keys Magazine Releases Keylay FREE Delay Plugin by Baby Audio

    Baby Audio has released Keylay, a free exclusive delay effect plugin for the German music magazine Keys.

    Keylay is based on Comeback Kid commercial creative delay/echo plugin by Baby Audio. In other words, is a clone of Baby Comeback which in turn is a stripped-down version of Comeback Kid. Keylay differentiates from Baby Comeback by a new color scheme and four exclusive presets designed by Carl-Philipp Schmeller (Keys Magazine editor).

    A free mode gives room for individual delay times that are not bound to the song’s tempo. A ducker expands the possibilities, for example, to discreetly enrich kick drums with delays. The original and effect signals can be controlled separately.

    Keylay is available in VST, AU, and AAX plugin formats for Windows and macOS. The download is instant (registration is not required).

    More information: Keys Magazine

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