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    Anwida Soft Tremolo VST/AU Plugin Is FREE for Registered Users

    Anwida Soft has announced its Tremolo effect plugin worth $12 is now available for free to anyone who registers on their website.

    This tremolo plugin continuously changes the amplitude of a signal creating the impression of a pulsing source. The interface is simple with typical controls such as rate and depth, degree and level.


    • 64-bit internal precision
    • highly optimized DSP code
    • ultra-clean and noiseless processing
    • factory presets
    • parameter values can be entered manually
    • fully automatable (depending on host application)
    • stereo output (stereo->stereo)
    See also: The Great Escape free dynamic tremolo plugin

    Anwida Tremolo is available in VST & AU plugin formats for Windows and macOS. In order to download it for free, simply create an account at Anwida Soft.

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