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    Anarchy Comp VST/AU Compressor Plugin FREE for a Limited Time

    Anarchy Audioworx has released Anarchy Comp, a free for a limited time VST/AU compressor plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Anarchy Comp is a versatile compressor suitable for use on any kind of sound, mix buss, or master bus.

    Its 55 preset strong library has the perfect starting points you need to get your sounds under control in any situation. As well as all the features of regular compression, with its 2 dedicated wet and dry controls, it can also be used as a parallel compressor.

    Anarchy Comp is perfect for processing every kind of sound whether it be electronic, acoustic, or live recordings, and has solid presets for every instrument and scenario.

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    • Warm analog character
    • Both regular and parallel compression
    • Threshold, attack, release, ratio, gain
    • Auto makeup gain
    • Gain reduction meter
    • Live visual waveform representations of both the input and output signals so you can see exactly how your sound is being affected in real-time
    • Built-in saturation module
    • 55 presets for any sound
    • Low cut EQ for the wet signal
    • Intuitive layout and easy to use controls
    • Resizable user interface
    • Super low CPU usage perfect for using multiple instances

    Anarchy Comp is available in 64-bit VST/VST3 & AU plugin versions for DAWs on Windows and macOS. Usually 49.99 GBP, you can freely download it for a limited time.

    More information: Anarchy Audioworx

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      • Hi, try again to download & install because they did have a problem with generating enough serial numbers, but they have sorted it out now. Also, if you still have any difficulty from now on, you can contact the developer & they will fix any problem you have.
        Best of luck with it, i got my copy & love it
        Thank you Producer Feed, kind regards

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