#StayCreative: FREE Plugins, Instruments, Subscription & Tutorials!

    Beatport, Loopcloud, Producertech, iZotope and Plugin Boutique have teamed up to release #StayCreative, a free collection of production tools for musicians, producers and DJs.

    #StayCreative is a free all-inclusive collection of subscriptions, plugins, instruments and tutorials to keep the positivity and creative juices flowing through these testing times.

    #StayCreative includes two-month free trials to Loopcloud and Beatport LINK, a two-month all-access membership to Producertech, two free plugins from Plugin Boutique, and an additional Krotos software synth – everything needed to kick-start or rejuvenate any untapped musical ambitions.

    Plugin Boutique is offering Spread by DJ Swivel and Ozone Elements from iZotope for free.

    Spread offers a simple one-knob design that easily adds width and space to your music. You can spread the stereo image of your sounds with 3 independent frequency bands, whilst the Tilt and Side Filter features help to balance out your signals and clean up phase issues and muddiness.

    Ozone Elements is an all-in-one mastering package. Loved by DJs, producers and composers alike, Ozone Elements is renowned for its instant results and easy-to-use interface. If you’re new to mastering and want your mixes to sound better, this is a sure-fire way to get your music sound system ready.

    To claim the offer, visit this page at Plugin Boutique, add the product to the cart, then use coupon code STAYCREATIVE at checkout (valid until April 18th, 2021).

    More details about the other freebies and links can be found in this blog post at Loopcloud.

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