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    Riot Audio Releases Tremolo Clouds FREE Kontakt Instrument

    Riot Audio has announced the release of Tremolo Clouds, a free cinematic morphing pad instrument for Kontakt, based on their proprietary CLOUDS engine.

    This library is based on a combination of violin and acoustic guitar tremolos. Thanks to the CLOUDS engine, the samples are turned into beautifully morphing, granular-style pads.

    The difference between this pad engine and a standard granular synthesis engine is that the grains here are created by hand, by using a very fast playing style to create an almost continuous sound.

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    Tremolo Clouds requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.4.2 and above. Please note the free Kontakt Player isn’t supported.

    You can download this library for free at Riot Audio (requires adding to cart).

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