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    Owl O’Lantern Releases Fazu Bass Distortion & Yoin Reverberator FREE Plugins


    Owl O’Lantern Software has announced the release of Fazu Bass Distortion and Yoin Reverberator, two free plugins for Windows and macOS.

    Owl O’Lantern Software has formed a month ago and its main activity is the creation of audio software, including apps for mobile platforms (iOS), but also virtual plugins for desktop.

    Fazu is a distortion made for crushing basslines into a thick, filtered sludge. Featuring tonal and bias options that can open up into the roar of a lion or close off into the squeak of a mouse.

    Fazu free bass distortion plugin

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    Yoin is a distorted, effected reverb that is great for turning clean guitar sounds into sad boy music and can give vocals a bit of je ne sais quoi.

    Yoin free reverberator plugin

    Fazu and Yoin are available on macOS as a Universal binary AU and on Windows as a VST3. The download is instant, without the need for registration.

    More information: Owl O’Lantern Software

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