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    Majestone Releases Dniwer Epat FREE Library (Kontakt, WAV & Ableton)

    Majetone has released Dniwer Epat, a free sample library for Kontakt and Ableton Drum Rack, also with over 100 one-shot samples included.

    The library consists of tape rewinding textures that are extracted from another (in progress) drum library.

    From Majestone:

    I’m currently making a big drum instrument, layers, round robins, mics, the works – I’m genuinely really excited about it – in the course of that I thought it would be good having an element of my supremely broken Akai tape machine

    I love that thing on drums, it crunches and compresses like no other – there are 3 hours of raw audio to print, when rewinding the tape print to record back into Pro Tools I thought ‘that’s a cool texture, I should probably record the rewind and chop some samples’. DNIWER EPAT is born.

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    The library is available in Kontakt full version 5.8.1+ and Ableton Drum Rack. For those who don’t have any of the above, the author has included a set of over 100 one-shot samples that can be loaded into any sampler or DAW.

    More information about the library can be found at Majestone.

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