Heritage Percussion Brings 13 FREE Hand Percussion Instruments (Kontakt)

    Impact Soundworks has announced the release of Heritage Percussion, a free collection of percussion instruments for NI Kontakt.

    Heritage Percussion captures the energy of live performance with 13 hand percussion instruments from around the world. This detailed collection is perfect for acoustic applications but versatile enough to add folk-inspired texture anywhere you need it.

    Add texture and nuance to your tracks with a FREE collection of 13 heirloom hand percussion instruments: shakers, claves, rattles, djembe and more. Heritage Percussion also debuts a new, improved drum engine for easy use and more detailed editing.

    The library includes the following drum/percussion types:

    • Half-gourd and double-sided shakers
    • Small and large claves
    • Small, medium, and large rattles
    • Cowbell, cork drum, djembe
    • Cabasa, beaded and cork rattles

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    Each instrument has 10x round-robin variations and 5x dynamic layers, making it simple for you to perform or sequence lively, expressive “aux” rhythm parts.

    Heritage Percussion is the first library at Impact Soundworks to debut a revamped Kontakt engine that allows for both easy editing and in-depth tweaks. With the new drum engine, you’re able to individually adjust each drum’s tone, envelope, pitch, and mapping. There’s also a newly-improved Console FX rack & mixer complete with EQ, reverb, compression, and spatial effects (35 effect modules in total).

    Heritage Percussion library requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.5+ and 1.5GB of disk space. The free Kontakt Player isn’t supported.

    You can download the library for free at Impact Soundworks.

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