Blind Audio Releases Free Drum Toolbox: Shots, MIDI’s & Ableton Drum Racks

    Blind Audio has announced the release of Free Drum Toolbox, a free sample pack containing various drum shots, MIDI loops and Ableton drum racks.

    As a thank you for signing up for our mailing list we would like to offer you some free drum samples. The ‘BLIND Audio Free Drum Toolbox’ contains a collection of drums taken from various sources; including classic drum machines, vintage synthesizers and popular Eurorack modular voices.

    We’ve also included MIDI files of the loops featured in the demo, and users of Ableton Live will find 3 Drum Racks ready to drop into your productions.

    See also: Aesthetic free Vaporwave drum kit by Bvker


    • 10 Kicks
    • 10 Snares
    • 10 Claps
    • 15 Hats
    • 20 Percussion
    • 5 Cymbals
    • 6 MIDI Drum Loops
    • 3 Ableton Drum Racks

    In order to download the pack, a valid email address is required; you will be subscribed to their newsletter.

    Visit Blind Audio for more info and audio demo.

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