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    Acousmatic Sounds Releases Remote Violin nano FREE Kontakt Instrument


    Acousmatic Sounds has announced the release of Remote Violin nano, a free instrument for NI Kontakt.

    Acousmatic Sounds describes its instrument as “cozy, screechy and oddly intimate”. A beautiful instrument recorded in less than ideal circumstances: the author used an iPhone to capture the sound, while the reverb was created with an unstable reverb pedal.

    The interface is simple, with four different sliders and two knobs, all CC assignable. These control the direct audio, two “interference” signals, and the simple reverb unit.

    Two panning knobs give you extra control over this instrument, making it easier ad more interesting to create string textures and pads.

    See also: Slinky Violin free library for Kontakt & SFZ

    Depending on where the Remote Violin nano will sit in your mix, the high end can be harsh at times, nothing that a low pass filter cannot fix. However, if you are after a more lo-fi feel, you can let the instrument’s natural top end shine through.

    The instrument requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (free Kontakt Player isn’t supported).

    You can download Remote Violin nano for free (or “name your price”) at Acousmatic Sounds.

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