69% off Bute Limiter 2 Plugin by Signum Audio via APD

    Audio Plugin Deals has announced 69% off Bute Limiter 2, a high-quality VST/AU/AAX limiter plugin by Signum Audio.

    Bute Limiter 2 delivers high fidelity, ultra-transparent True Peak Brickwall limiting with a streamlined and sleek user interface. Bute’s focus is on eliminating distortion while retaining the characteristics of your audio in a natural way.

    Whether you like to push the limiter via Pre Gain like a maximizer, or limit your signal and then use Post Gain to make up for the change in volume – Bute Limiter 2 provides you with a streamlined display for your workflow.


    • Ultra transparent true peak limiting using Signum Audios novel overshoot proof brick wall limiting algorithm
    • Highest quality linear phase upsampling
    • Advanced adaptive auto release
    • 5 Different release curves
    • PreGain, Post-Gain and automatic Max Target functionality
    • Three different layouts: Resizable History View, Vertical Metering View and compact Horizontal Control View.
    • Automatic DAW sync and re-metering to reflect adjustments.
    • History for True Peak, True Peak Output, Threshold and Gain Reduction.
    • Warning system for Post-Gain overshoots
    • In-depth history analysis
    • Up to 10 channel Surround

    Bute Limiter 2 is compatible with Mac (10.9 or higher), Windows (8.1 or higher), and 64-bit VST/AU/AAX.

    Normally $80, Bute Limiter is now available for only $24.99 (limited time offer).

    More information: Audio Plugin Deals

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