Track24 Is a FREE Analog Tape/Saturator Plugin by Low Wave Studios

Track24 FREE Analog Tape/Saturator Plugin by Low Wave Studios

Low Wave Studios has announced the release of Track24, a free analog tape/saturator effect plugin for digital audio workstations on Windows and macOS.

The developer says Track24 is neither a tape emulation, nor a simple saturator. “It behaves like Analog Tape but without its “downsides”. It doesn’t care about flutter, wow, or noise, but it has the tone and saturation characteristics of tape, plus other extra functionality”.

Track24 features a tape saturation section with a variable “Texture” control to add more even or odd order harmonics. There’s also a tone section with 4 filter presets that were inspired by 2 different tape machines, running at different tape speed.

Further, we find a 4x oversample button to avoid aliasing (adds a tiny bit of latency), highpass and lowpass filters, as well as a dry/wet knob to mix the clean with the saturated signal.

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Track24 is available in 64-bit AU/VST3 plugin versions for macOS and Windows.

If you like the plugin, you can make a donation to the author (details on the product page).

More information: Low Wave Studios

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