Stone Voices Releases Chorus GAS Free VST Effect Plugin

Chorus GAS Free VST Effect Plugin

Stone Voices has announced the release of Chorus GAS, a free chorus/multi-fx plugin consisting of four independent modules of delay lines, which are tuned to the required notes from the full MIDI range (from C0 to G10).

This allows you to combine four effects – chorus, flanger, phaser, vibrato, within one plugin. Thanks to the tuning of the delay lines to the key, you can create some interesting tonal choruses and flangers imitating interval, chord, pentatonic, and other sound combinations that cannot be realized through other effects.

Another distinctive feature of this effect is the presence of an adjustable high-pass filter in the feedback loop, which gives a peculiar flavor to the sound, reminiscent of flight.

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  • Low CPU usage
  • 64-bit sound processing (double precision)
  • Group editing of parameters
  • Meters controls of output levels
  • 16 factory presets
  • Functions for working with presets and banks
  • Help manual

Chorus GAS is available in VST2/VST3 plugin versions, 32/64-bit, for Windows only. The download is instant, registration isn’t required.

More information: Stone Voices

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