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    Gotcha Is a FREE SoundFont Player VSTi Plugin by Beatassist


    Beatassist has announced the release of Gotcha, a free soundfont (SF2) player plugin for Windows.

    Gotcha is not just a simple SF2 loader. It includes some cool features that turn it into a workstation. From the interface, we see an octave stepper alongside a gate sequencer, chord generator/player, 2 filters with filter type selector and cutoff & resonance each, also a pitch unit with octave tune and finetune. In addition, we find ADSR envelope, master pan and gain, LFO with two targets and speed, mode & wave type selector.

    In terms of effects, Gotcha comes with a distortion unit, stereo delay, chorus, reverb, and phaser. Enough to change those outdated sounds from SoundFonts into something shiny and new.

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    And because we don’t want to omit the main purpose of this tool, namely to upload and play SF2s, it should be mentioned that there’s a dedicated section on the left from where you can load soundfonts, select the bank and the sample/sound. A cool feature is you can save presets from soundfonts; next time you open the plugin, you won’t have to browse through your soundfonts library, just select the saved preset and you’re good to go. As for factory sounds, Gotcha comes with 3 soundfont banks: BassBoss, Dirty Vintage and Rave Leads.

    Gotcha is a 32 & 64-bit VST/VST3 instrument plugin (VSTi) for Windows. The download file includes a guide on how to install the plugin.

    The download (100 MB) is instant, doesn’t require registration.

    More information: Beatassist

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