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    Flandersh Releases Uraleq FREE Multiband Compressor Plugin


    Flandersh has announced the release of Uraleq, a free multiband compressor plugin for Windows.

    Uraleq is an advanced multiband processor with flexible parameters and comprehensive Mid/Side processing.

    Each of the four bands come with balance control, dual delay, compressor, and VU-meter. This makes it suitable for mixing and bus processing.


    • Multiband Mid/Side processing
    • Multiband downward compression and upward expansion with variable knee and dry/wet ratio
    • Individual FIR oversampling of the compressors up to 32x
    • LFOs for multiband amplitude modulation, auto-pan, and creative delay effects
    • Higher-order FIR Low Cut/High Cut Filters
    See also: Britpressor free vintage solid-state compressor/limiter plugin

    Uraleq is available in VST3 plugin format for DAWs running on Windows 8.1 or later. It is available for instant download.

    More information: Flandersh

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