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    Callybeat Releases HUM808 Free Synth VST Plugin

    Callybeat has announced the release of HUM808, a free 808 bass/kick drum generator virtual instrument for Windows.

    HUM808 is a subtractive synthesizer, it doesn’t use samples; 2 oscillators (1 drawable) with selectable waveforms generate the sound. Each oscillator has usual parameters such as octave and semitone, fine-tuning, and volume. Under each oscillator, we notice ADSR envelope controls for amplitude, pitch cut and LFO, 5 filter types, and drawable LFO modulation.

    HUM808 also includes a spectrum analyzer, 4-band parametric equalizer, master volume. It supports portamento and has 12 voices of polyphony.

    The library is pretty solid, you can choose from 162 included factory presets spanning across a wide range of 808 basses and kicks, techy basses, wobbles, plucks, real bass emulations, but also leads, effects, bells, and snares.

    See also: 1,200 free compressed 808 drum samples by samples.but.happy

    Because the developer’s site is in Spanish, plus the download method is a bit tricky, here’s how to get the plugin:

    • fill in your email address and name, add a comment and hit the “Submit” button
    • on the next page, either copy and paste the Google Drive link in another tab, or simply right click on the link and select “open link in new tab”
    • do not click on that link directly because it will load a blank iframe and you will have to start over again
    • download the DLL files from Google Drive and copy/paste the appropriate version into your VST folder
    • scan in your DAW for new plugins

    HUM808 is a virtual instrument synthesizer plugin (32- and 64-bit VSTi) for Windows only.

    More information: Callybeat

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