Trap Devil FREE Hip Hop Drum Kit

Bvker has announced the release of Trap Devil, a free sample pack featuring drum samples inspired by Ronny J.

The goal behind “Trap Devil” was to create a free Ronny J Drum Kit, filled with all sounds the American producer is known for.

So if you’re looking for his trademark 808s or drum shots, you certainly came to the right place. Get your free copy of the pack today!

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Bvker says they tried to recreate Ronny J’s distinct sound characteristics. To ensure that they’re easy to use, all samples were rendered in the key of C, so you can just drag a sample of your choice into a sampler and you’re ready to go. You won’t have to spend time tuning your 808s while you want to be creative. Additionally, Bvker added a set of punchy drum hits and also included 20 melodic loops and their matching MIDI files.

There are 145 files in total, including 808s, kicks, claps, snares, closed & open hats, melodic loops, percussion, and MIDI files.

All the samples are delivered in 24-bit WAV format. They’re 100% royalty-free – you can freely use them in commercial productions.

More information: Bvker

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