Beatassist Releases Kuma 508 FREE FM Synthesizer Plugin

Kuma 508 Free FM Synthesizer Plugin

Beatassist has announced the release of Kuma 508, a free FM synthesizer plugin for macOS and Windows.

Kuma 508 features 5 FM algorithms and 3 single oscillator modes. Also, it has the possibility to play among 22 extra waveforms per oscillator. Going further, we find 4 filters that can be connected in series or parallel via patch cables – similar to a modular synth. There are also basic but effective reverb and distortion modules, plus envelopes for filter, master amp, and pitch.


  • 5 oscillators
  • noise generator
  • 22 extra waveforms per OSC
  • 4 filters
  • distortion
  • pitch envelope
  • filter envelope
  • reverb

Kuma 508 is a free 64-bit VST/AU plugin for Windows and macOS. The download is instant, it doesn’t need any registration.

More information: Beatassist

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