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    Babelson Audio BBCMP Dual-Band Compressor FREE This Week!


    This week only, Babelson Audio is giving for free its BBCMP dual-band compressor plugin worth $149!

    A special feature of the BBCMP is that it enables the operator to split the incoming signal using the Low Pass and High Pass filters. These then allow you to apply processing (compression, limiting, expansion, and gate) to each band independently.

    Once each band has been processed, the following signal pathway shows you how the separate bands are then summed to produce the final output.

    With the BBCMP you can separately control the low end and leave the high end relatively unprocessed if that is what you need, or conversely deal with the high end and leave the low end with lesser processing.

    BBCMP features an analog/digital switch that changes the attack & release characteristics of the processor as well as the “color” of the output. The “CLEG” selector is a switch between compressor, limiter, expander and gate.

    BBCMP is a VST3/AAX/AU plugin for Windows and macOS.

    The free promo offer is valid this week only (until February 7, 2021), so hurry up!

    Please note you will be asked for an iLok account/username during the checkout (to store your license); you can create one for free at iLok.com. So we assume that in order to activate the plugin, you will need the iLok License Manager installed on your computer.

    But… although I was asked for my iLok account at the checkout, I didn’t find the license stored on my iLok License Manager. So I had to dig more. The solution is this: download BBCMP – check the “Downloads” section from your Babelson account, install it, then return to Babelson and go to “Products, Serial” and click “Activate” near your license keys. Open your DAW, scan for new installed plugin, and enjoy your new cool compressor.

    More information: Babelson Audio

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    1. Has anyone else experienced false positive malware in the installer? Kaspersky is blocking access to the file.

    2. the installer was instantly deleted by kaspersky antivirus , when i try to install !!! and now i can not download again the file , after another try , because the download is limited ….what a fraud !

      • It is safe, man! The developer is a guy that worked for Waves Audio. I installed the plugin without any problem. I have Avast antivirus.
        You’re out of downloads, but you can create another account. Also, when you download the file, just pause your antivirus, I think you have such an option.

        • Lol , he has worked for waves …. ask me why not longer ???, for me these developer is now blacklisted . i have sent him a ticket for support … no answer . this tells me a lot about him . and no !!! i donĀ“t install things , that will be deleted instantly by kaspersky !!! have fun with your spyware !!! i do not need these crap !!!

          • I don’t understand why you’re so angry. Do I or the developer force you to get this plugin? Spyware? No way. I have 15 years of experience in press and media, I would never recommend something illegal. The false-positive the antivirus detects is nothing unusual and new. It happened to installers of big companies also. But you have to learn how to filter things by yourself, investigate, make research. About the developer, imagine he is giving you something free, also his website is now flooded with downloads and traffic. Could you at least give him some time to get back to you? Take your time, man, chill. Don’t be so mad at something free and not mandatory.

            • A new day , no answer from the developer at my e-mail to him .and no answer to the support ticket ! not able to download again , because the download limitations . so why should i be happy with this ???

    3. Same here Kapersky deletes it hard and fast as a trojan. A rare thing I’ve seen through the many, many years of using an anti virus. I think its only happened to me one other time.

    4. To anyone who had problems installing or downloading, I contacted Kaspersky labs yesterday. When initial online scan detected a small single file, which was reported as probably malicious I submitted installer for further analysis. Five hours later a member of Kaspersky team responded, that it was a fault on their side and that they will fix this issue. Right after I read this email I tried installing again and it went fine.

    5. Hey thanks for sharing this, its much appreciated & an awesome plug-in.
      Just to let you know, i added N/A in the iLok box & i have activated the plug-in without iLok using my computer to activate the license / serial instead.
      Also there is a notice on the Babelson website about anti virus programmes blocking all of the installers from Babelson website, so its a known issue. I have Mac with “Gate Keeper” Apple’s security set to only allow App Store & known developers to be allowed to be installed, so the OS will ask you if you still want to install an app or file if it has come from any other or a bad source, but i did not have any such warning & after installing this plug-in all is well
      Thanks again

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