Rigid Audio Releases Metawave FREE 4-Layer Kontakt Instrument

    Rigid Audio has announced the release of Metawave, a free Kontakt instrument featuring 64 Cinematic granular soundscapes.

    Metawave comes with two sequencers and 4x 64 source waveforms that can be played back randomly. There is control over granular playback as well as onboard effects like flair, flanger, and phaser.

    From the main screen, you can adjust parameters and effects for all the presets. Use the left and right arrows to select one of the 64 factory presets, or select the “library” section at the top for an in-depth presets browser. You can create your own presets with the included waveforms and store them in the library (up to 128 per instrument).

    Metawave generates soundscapes by playing back the layers A to D in order. As soon as you press a MIDI note, it will start playing back layer A, then B, then C, and finally D. Then it will start from the beginning.

    Each layer has a set of controls to shape the sound. You can adjust the volume for each one, use the reverb knob to dial in reverb for each layer as well as choose a source waveform to be played back.

    There’s a dice symbol – click it to randomize the currently selected preset.

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    6 main knobs help you further shape the sound:

    • flux – adjusts the speed of layer cycling (A D)
    • speed – controls the sequencer tables playback speed
    • spread – stereo position for layers A D
    • detune – random detune amount
    • length – length of a single “grain”; higher values will result in a smoother release tail but also will consume more voices (CPU)
    • multiply – sample offset multiplier

    Metawave also features two sequencers: the one at the top controls the sample offset and sample start position for all layers. The second sequencer lane controls the formant shifting for layer D.

    This instrument can be controlled (automated) by MIDI CC (continuous controllers) or host (DAW) automation.

    Metawave requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt 6.4.2 and above (Kontakt Player isn’t supported).

    More information: Rigid Audio

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