Ben Burnes Releases Discount Kalimba FREE Instrument for NI Kontakt

    Ben Burnes has announced the release of Discount Kalimba, a free virtual instrument for Kontakt featuring samples recorded from a damaged kalimba.

    This has a wonderful off-key harmonic feel to it that makes things sound more organic and real.

    Here’s what Ben told us about the free Kontakt instrument:

    “The first sample pack I ever posted on Gumroad was a Kalimba and it felt fitting to resample the instrument and turn it into a Kontakt library!

    I had a lot of fun learning how Kontakt programming works (and more than a little frustration figuring how Kontakt programming works). This library has 3 octaves of tines as well as a handful of percussive noises too”.

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    You can download Discount Kalimba for free when you put “0” in the price field. Of course, you can donate on the product page if you want to support Ben with his future Kontakt projects. And if you use coupon code BestFriend at the checkout, you will get 20% off everything he offers on Gumroad. There are plenty of unique and original sample packs starting at just $1.99.

    Discount Kalimba requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt; the free Kontakt Player isn’t supported. The author included the original samples in the download file, so if you don’t own a copy of NI Kontakt, simply load the WAVs into any sampler.

    More information: Ben Burnes

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