Room Piano v3 FREE Instrument Plugin

SampleScience has announced the release of Room Piano v3 virtual instrument plugin, an improved version of Room Piano 1 & 2.

Room Piano v3 has twice as many samples compared to v2 and features a modernized user interface. It can be used to create lo-fi beats and hip-hop oriented sub-genres.


  • 1 lightweight piano sound (60 MB)
  • Amplitude ADSR
  • Multi-LFO
  • Highpass/Lowpass filter
  • Room reverb
See also: FORT3 free Grand Piano instrument plugin

Room Piano v3 is a 64-bit VST plugin instrument for Windows 8.1/10 only.

You can download it for free (enter “0” at the price field), or if you prefer making a donation there, any amount is welcomed.

More information: SampleScience Gumroad

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