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    Jon Meyer Releases Gentle Vibes FREE Kontakt Library

    Jon Meyer has announced the release of Gentle Vibes, a free Kontakt library featuring the sounds of an old marching vibraphone.

    Jon Meyer performed the vibes as quietly as possible with 3 different mallets (soft, medium, and hard) and included multiple round robins. A U47 clone was placed inches from the vibes for an up-close, immediate sound. Then, he blended in a small amount of his x/y configured Neumann KM84’s for depth and stereo imaging.

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    The “Soft” sounds have a noticeable thump and flutter, perfect for percussive arpeggiation. The “Medium” sounds offer a nice blend of attack and sustain, while “Hard” samples are more focused and aggressive. When used sparingly, they provide definition and clarity, helping the vibes cut through the mix.

    Gentle Vibes requires the full version of Kontakt 5 and above (not compatible with Kontakt Player). A valid email address is required for the download.

    More information: Jon Meyer

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