FREE Sample Packs at Ghosthack Every Day Until Christmas

    Ghosthack has announced the launch of Advent Calendar for Producers 2020, offering new freebies, actions, tutorials, and offers every day until the 24th of December.

    To finish this tough year on a high note we want to give back to all the producers and filmmakers out there!

    As the year comes to an end, we want to thank you for all the support in the last year!
    We have loved to hear your stories – your successes and your challenges alike. We have always loved to help and encourage you along your journey.

    The past year was hard and hurt pretty bad leaving many of us without the means for extraordinary producing equipment.
    Therefore, we decided to bring you all the tools to excel in your creative outlet this coming winter!

    To date, 6 packs have already been revealed; they contain free acapellas, dark atmospheres, and construction kits for Cinematic, House, Lo-fi & Techno.

    Don’t forget to visit the page every day until Christmas, to find more freebies, surprises, and special deals.

    More information: Ghosthack

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