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    FREE Compressor Plugins With Any Purchase at Plugin Boutique!

    The month of December at Plugin Boutique brings a free plugin with any purchase. You can choose between United Plugins Royal Compressor, W.A Production Fundamental Bass, MeldaProduction MTurboCompLE. Or you can opt for a cool online course by Producertech called Compression Fundamentals.

    Royal Compressor by United Plugins

    The Royal Compressor is inspired by a model of the classic British device from the Beatles era. The original Royal Compressor was used on hundreds of record since the sixties and delivers a true vintage analogue sound and feel. This classic compressor offers pleasant saturation and sensitive compression, something every track really needs.

    MTurboCompLE by MeldaProduction

    MTurboComp is the ultimate (not-only) compressor, which emulates most of the classic vintage analogue compressors. Unbelievable sound, uniquely fast workflow, tons of additional features.

    MTurboComp obviously speeds up the workflow tremendously by providing access to so many classic compressors in a single click. But it doesn’t stop there. Compressors are one of the most overused tools of any audio engineer, yet they are still based on designs and controls decades old, making them so hard to use. How about controlling the amount of compression? Such a basic task, yet almost impossible without changing output level making any decisions almost impossible.

    Fundamental Bass by W.A Production

    Fundamental Bass gives you a quick way to tighten up the dynamics of your low end whilst keeping the snap and sparkle of mids and highs. The processing is achieved with an adjustable frequency split which feeds to two separate modules for processing. The low band features twin-compressors and imaging adjustment for clarity and mono compatibility. The high band compresses and adds grit, enhancing natural harmonics whilst keeping the bounce of the bass.

    Compression Fundamentals – Online Course by Producertech

    Compression is one of the most essential aspects of producing music, ensuring tracks have consistent dynamics and loudness levels that meet professional standards. On this comprehensive course from Senior Tutor Rob Jones, you’ll learn the main principles behind the technique, plus a tonne of different methods for how to apply it.

    How to claim your free gift

    Add any product in the Plugin Boutique store to your cart, then during checkout select your desired gift. There’s no purchase minimum, also you can use virtual cash (but not for the full amount).

    Plugin Boutique is also running Black Friday with hundreds of sales.

    The free gift promotion is valid until January 3rd, 2021.

    More information: Plugin Boutique

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