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    Decent Samples Releases Slinky Violin FREE Library for Kontakt & SFZ

    Decent Samples has announced the release of Slinky Violin, a free sample-based library for Kontakt, SFZ (Sforzando), and Decent Sampler.

    In November 2020, Dave Hilowitz attached a slinky to his violin, effectively turning his studio into a giant reverb tank. The resulting sound was both dusty, metallic, & hauntingly beautiful.

    The library contains five versions of the patch:

    • Slinky Violin is the basic version of the patch and contains two velocity layers.
    • Slinky Violin (forte layers only) consists of the loud layers only.
    • Slinky Violin (piano layers only) has the soft layers included only.
    • Slinky Violin Duet – this version consists of both the soft and loud layers from the above, the sample being played at the same time.
    • Slinky Violin Duet (mod wheel), where the dynamics are controlled by the mod wheel (MIDI CC1). With the mod wheel all the way down, you get just one violin. With the mod wheel all the way up, you get both layers at full volume.

    In the first four versions of the patch, velocity controls the volume.

    See also: Lewis E. Pyle Violin for Kontakt & SFZ

    Slinky Violin comes in three versions: Kontakt 5.8.1 or later (full version), SFZ (tested with free Plogue Sforzando), and Decent Sampler proprietary sampler plugin (freeware).

    In order to download this library for free, a valid email address is required. With the download, you will be automatically added to the Decent Samples mailing list.

    More information: Decent Samples

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