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    Get Cableguys DriverShaper Plugin for FREE via Plugin Boutique


    Plugin Boutique has announced that for a limited time is offering Cableguys DriverShaper plugin worth $44 free to anyone.

    From laser-focused harmonic warmth and sizzle to massively modulated mayhem that reacts and breathes in synergy with your music, DriveShaper does it all – and more. Animate any of 10 exciting shaping algorithms using easy, drawable LFOs and simple 1-slider Envelope Followers.

    With DriverShaper you can create magical distorted rhythms, pulsing analog warmth and hard-edged patterns. And for mixing, target specific hits with the LFO and Envelope Follower, and home in on precise frequency ranges with multiband control. Quickly dial-in reactive heat and subtle harmonic motion.

    You can use this plugin to make 808s punch harder, enhance kick attack, or make your treble sizzle. Energize your melodies, design monster basslines, distort hits in a loop, or even “rhythmize” pads.

    DriveShaper runs within Cableguys’ ShaperBox 2 effects suite and is available in VST/AU (macOS 64-bit) and VST (Windows 32-bit & 64-bit) plugin versions.

    In order to download Cableguys DriverShaper for free, use coupon zn1v9 at the checkout. The free promotion is valid until 31st December 23:59 (PST).

    More information: Plugin Boutique

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