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    VSTBuzz Deal: 78% off “Anniversary Bundle” by Fallout Music


    VSTBuzz has announced a new deal, 78% off Anniversary Bundle by Fallout Music which is now €39 instead of €174.

    Anniversary Bundle is a collection of six awe-inspiring libraries custom-designed for use in trailer music, cinematic underscore, TV productions and video games.

    Each library comes with an extensive selection of Riser, Booms, FX, Scrapes, Reverses, Pings, Percussion, Braams and Drops. Each Kontakt instrument also provides a multitude of sound-shaping and effects tools, making it easy to customize the sounds to your specific needs.

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    The bundle includes the following libraries:

    • Ascendance Risers – live strings, designed synths, and curated organic recordings meet to make the ultimate riser creation tool
    • Stix – twigs and sticks breaking as playable percussion instruments in various sized bundles, FX booms and pings made from the same organic content, strange and beautiful mangled loops
    • Trailer Braams – create huge trailer braams, low basses and wicked stabs, customized to your liking – all following your DAW tempo in 1 and 2 bar options
    • Sonar – Trailer Pings & Signatures – designed synths and curated organic recordings meet to make the ultimate ping & signature creation tool
    • Trailer Drops – a hand-crafted selection of synth-based drops ready for your next cinematic masterpiece
    • Trailer Trash – Cinematic Metals – recorded exclusively from a giant, rusty, metal dump trailer (half full of rubbish), Trailer Trash brings a new type of metal sound for your compositions

    All these libraries require the full retail version of Kontakt 5.8 or above (NOT compatible with the free Kontakt Player).

    The 78% off promotion is valid until November 18, 2020.

    More information: VSTBuzz

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