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    Up to 91% off APD Black Lightning Deals: Less Than 24 Hours Left!


    Black Lightning Deals promotion at Audio Plugin Deals will end in less than 24 hours. This is your last chance to save up to 91% off an array of highly creative virtual instruments.

    Black Lightning Deals

    70% off Sample Logic – Drum Fury Sample Logic

    Drum Fury includes 113 multi-sampled instruments and a 10.64 GB sample library (over 35,149 samples) using Kontakt’s lossless sample storage compression. (All samples are delivered at 44.1kHz/24-bit).

    83% off 4-in-1 – Guitar Bundle by AcousticSamples

    For just $99.99 (instead of $576), get the AcousticSamples 4-in-1 Guitar Bundle comprising of GD-6 Acoustic Guitar, Strategy, Sunbird and Telematic V3!. These are some of the world’s best guitars and are available at an insane exclusive deep discount for only a few days.

    91% off Aurora Choir by Aria Sounds

    The Aurora Choir is an elegant and powerful choir sample library for Kontakt (full version 5.8.1 or higher required). Weighing in at 11GB, this massive vocal library contains both Sopranos and Altos (separate instruments for maximum control) and has an absolutely stunning legato tone.

    75% off Liftfx by Boom Library

    liftFX lets you awe your audience with risers, build-ups, drops and more! Risers, build-ups, breaks, downlifters, swells, sweeps, falls – it has never been so easy to hype your audience with a beat drop.

    83% off Riffendium Bundle by Audiofier

    Riffendium Bundle by Audiofier

    This bundle is a themed sample library collection for modern producers and composers. It includes loops of real, modeled, synthesized and designed instruments, resulting in an original palette of inspiring sounds for creators of electronic and organic music.

    83% off Largo by Waldorf

    Largo offers three fat oscillators, two of them with sub oscillators. These oscillators include models of classic analog waveforms as well as a selection of waves from the PPG and Waldorf Wave stored in two Wavetables.

    57% off Senfine by Wavelet Audio

    Senfine is an extensive toolkit that features a collection of truly atmospheric and emotive sounds that will inject a magical atmosphere into your production Palette of Senfine instruments allows you to get the desired result quickly and easily right from the scratch. No need to use any third-party tools or plugins.

    90% off Virtuoso Ensembles by Kirk Hunter Studios

    Virtuoso Ensembles is an epic virtual orchestral collection that’s ideal for music composition and live music performance. Designed with unprecedented flexibility, you now have the ability to arrange your own custom ensembles putting the orchestra at your command.

    80% off Rhea Hosanny Legato Viola by Simple Samples Audio

    Rhea Hosanny Legato Viola
    Rhea Hosanny Legato Viola

    Rhea Hosanny Legato Viola is the world’s first deep-sampled ultra-legato solo viola, crafted to perform realistic melodic phrases at all speeds. Every note is infused with Rhea Hosanny’s expressive performance style and will imbue your tracks with heartfelt emotion.

    90% off Cyclone Retwisted by Sample Logic

    Cyclone Retwisted is truly a one-stop-shop for astounding, inspiring electronic sounds, and the ultimate sample synth solution for Kontakt This powerhouse virtual instrument contains over 475 brand new instruments and multis

    87% off LSS Solo Strings by Aria Sounds

    Powered by the full version of Kontakt, LSS Solo Strings is a 16GB sample library comprising of meticulously sampled solo violin, viola, cello, and double bass instruments.

    87% off Origin X by Artistry Audio

    Whether you’re searching for a perfect background vocal loop or creating an entire sonic palette on the fly for a deadline project, you’ll find inspiration quickly with Origin X.

    Black Lightning Deals sale ends tomorrow, December 1st, at 5 AM GMT.

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