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    SaschArt Releases BrainWaveProducer “Sound Therapy Software”


    SaschArt has announced the release of BrainWaveProducer, a “minimal DAW software” for sound therapy that uses multiple plugins (tracks) to generate and process the sound.

    BrainWaveProducer is modular and intuitive, hence it can be used by both beginners and advanced in the field of therapeutic sound production and brainwave entertainment.

    The program offers you everything in the field of sound therapy: production of binaural, monaural, isochronic, subliminal sounds, insertion of audio samples. You can further process the sound with effects such as delays, reverbs, filters, limiters, etc.

    BrainWaveProducer consumes very low resources without compromising the audio quality and sound complexity. Because it is portable, you can easily install it or move to another computer.

    The software comes in two versions: full and lite, which are EUR 39€, respectively free. The full version comes packed with over a hundred templates and presets, envelopes for all parameters of the loaded plugin, and many other interesting features. The free version is fully functional, but it comes with only two tracks, two envelopes and can export WAV files only.

    BrainWaveProducer is audio software for Windows only, 32/64 bit. The free version is available for instant download.

    More information: SaschArt

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