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    Pyjama Planet Announces AcoustiChords New Kontakt Library + Black Friday


    Pyjama Planet Samples has announced the release of AcoustiChords new Kontakt library and the Black Friday Super Specials.

    The brand new AcoustiChords is a multi-sampled acoustic guitar chord library that allows you to lay down clean and crisp guitar chords in a matter of seconds.

    With the option of using 1 or 2 concurrent acoustic guitars, AcoustiChords is perfect for adding backing to your music, whether it be for Underscores, Corporate Tracks, or even commercial music. This plugin features Minor Chords, Major Chords, and Shimmer Pad for that added warmth and beauty.

    The AcoustiChords Kontakt Library is built for the full retail version of Kontakt 5.8.

    The standard retail price is $9, but as a Black Friday Launch Special, the AcoustiChords Kontakt Library can be bought for only $3 until Friday 25 December.

    And speaking of Black Friday, at Pyjama Planet you can save 80% off Kontakt libraries and music albums. The prices start at just $1! You can also download 3 free unique Kontakt libraries, Trumpetuba, Cello Choir & Cello Pad and Odin’s Box.

    More information: Pyjama Planet Samples

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