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    Hexachords Orb Synth Wavetable Synthesizer 1 EURO for Limited Time!


    Hexachords has released Orb Synth, a new wavetable synthesizer instrument plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Orb Synth is reminiscent of Ableton’s wavetable synth, having almost the same look and structure. It is a two-oscillator wavetable synthesizer with preinstalled wavetables. However, you can not import your own wavetables or edit the ones that are already available with the synth. You are stuck with the factory ones, but luckily they’re plenty to use.

    In the Modulation section, we notice two LFOs, amp, and envelope. Then, from the modulation matrix, you can modulate parameters such as oscillator amp, position & frequency, filter frequencies and LFOs rates. If you want to generate random sounds, just use the “Randomize” button or if you want to clear everything and start over, there’s also a button for that.

    Below the two oscillators, you’ll find two switchable multimode filters with 3 filter types and basic controls (cutoff & resonance). Moving on to the effects section, we see a delay, reverb saturation and glide.

    Buy Orb wavetable synthesizer for only 1 EURO – use coupon code ORBS at checkout!

    This instrument plugin is available in VST/AU formats for Windows and macOS.

    Orb Synth may not be the most complex wavetable synth, but I like that it has all the controls in an easy to use and familiar form – anything is where it should be, plus the interface is amazingly intuitive.

    And here is the surprise: until November 18th, 2020, you can buy Orb Synth for only €1 EUR. Its regular price is €49, but if you use the special code ORBS at checkout it will be reduced to just ONE EURO!

    More information: Hexachords

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