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    Graphite Is a New FREE Wavetable Synth Plugin Inspired by Serum


    Sporesound has announced the release of Graphite, a free wavetable synthesizer instrument plugin inspired by Serum.

    This follows another wavetable synth called Vital that I wrote about yesterday. Although they are part of the same category of virtual synthesizers, the similarities stop here. Vital had a carefully prepared launch campaign, but Graphite simply appeared out of nowhere, it doesn’t have much information and at first glance, it seems unfinished. And has no commercial intentions.

    Graphite was developed using Juce Framework and seems to be in the Beta stage (although it is not specified anywhere). There is no documentation or user manuals, plus the soundbank is missing at the moment. A good time to try your hand at creating presets. If you want to import your wavetables just put it on Windows in Documents/Spore Sound/Tables, or Mac in Library/Audio/Presets/Spore Sound/Tables/. Graphite use wavetables with 2048 samples.

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    With small differences, its structure is similar to that of the Serum. It has 2 wavetable oscillators and a sub-oscillator, 4 ADSR envelopes, also two filters that work in 3 modes: parallel, serial, split. There’s an effects section with two types of reverb, chorus, flanger, tube preamp, compressor, delay, and a simple arpeggiator. The modulation matrix contains 9 sources with 4 destinations for each.

    Sporesound says its new synth is the result of two years of hard work and if you find it useful, you might like making a small donation. Also, presets and a manual will be released soon.

    Graphite is currently available in 64-bit Windows VST, VST3 plugin, and 64-bit macOS VST, VST3, AU plugin. The download is direct, registration isn’t required.

    More information: Sporesound

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