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    FREE Outlaw Lite Gain-Riding Plugin by W.A. Production via VSTBuzz


    VSTBuzz has announced they’re offering for free Outlaw Lite gain-riding plugin by W. A. Production.

    “Outlaw: Lite Version” is an easy to use gain-riding plugin that will add instant clarity to your tracks.

    Outlaw listens to the incoming audio and compensates for volume changes, mimicking the mixing desk fader movement of a real-life audio engineer. Forget about drawing complex volume automation and let Outlaw do the hard work for you, with smooth gain leveling and a wealth of features. MIX, TARGET, GATE & GAIN!


    • Mix Control – adjust the intensity of the effect
    • Target Control – set the RMS target level
    • Gate Control – set a relative level to ignore softer sounds
    • Gain Control – useful for setting accurate levels for A/B comparisons

    Outlaw Lite is perfect for live guitars, vocals, bass, and drums, or anything that needs the smooth touch of a sympathetic virtual engineer. This plugin is available in VST, VST3, AU & AAX versions for Windows and macOS.

    Normally €25, get it now for free; promotion ends November 16, 2020.

    More information: VSTBuzz

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