FREE Organic Calfskin Kit Drum Instrument by Organic Drum Loops

Organic Drum Loops has announced the release of Organic Calfskin Kit, an acoustic drum VST3 ROMpler plugin for Windows and macOS.

Organic Calfskin Kit features samples from the Default-Dry kit, a pack containing multi-track/multi-velocity samples captured from a custom drum kit. This kit is a moderately dry sounding setup that offers good punch for modern music styles and minimal sustain for easy mixing.

This kit was sampled using three common options, sticks, brushes and mallets. The virtual instrument includes these options within the plugin settings as well. Just as a live drummer would choose a tool based on the song, users of this plugin are given the same options for greater flexibility within their production.

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The main features include 3 layer multi-velocity samples and a 5 mic layout, gain and pan settings, hi-hat openings by BPM, cymbal choking, pitch bend, velocity curve, weirdness (LFO filter) amount, speed, shape, and many more.

Organic Calfskin Kit is available for both Windows and macOS platforms as a 64-bit VST3 plugin. In order to download it, you’ll have to register on their website.

More information: Organic Drum Loops

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