25 FREE Instrument for NI Kontakt

Flintpope has announced the release of 25, a free instrument for Native Instruments Kontakt.

The instrument comprises 25 individually sampled grand piano strings (with long atmospheric tail-off), spanning from C2 to C4, each with 4 velocity sensitivities.

As effects, Flintpope used two instances of Replika Delay, one featuring a Modern preset set to a slow repeat and fade, the other a Diffuson preset for instant foggy tail-off. There’s also a plate reverb for a roomy vibe and a quirky Convolution Reverb loaded with the “Electrode Clasp” WAV for some weirdness and rhythmic edginess.

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Flintpope says 25 is a free introduction to what he may develop into a more serious piece of work with 128 individually sampled piano strings across the whole keyboard and more access to effects presets from the user panel.

25 requires a full version of Native Instruments Kontakt (the free Kontakt Player isn’t supported).

More information: Flintpope

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