Best Black Friday Plugin and Soundware Deals 2020

Best Black Friday Plugin and Soundware Deals 2020

As every year on Black Friday, we present a list of the biggest discounts on plugins, sound packs, libraries, software, and other things related to music production.

We may have the most comprehensive list – you will definitely find the offer you are looking for. We recommend that you return to this page from time to time because we update it periodically with new offers.

Some offers may contain affiliate links, if you click on them we may earn a small commission. This does not affect the price in any way, you do not pay anything extra, you just help us to exist. Thank you for your understanding.

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Loopmasters Black Friday SaleUp to 70% off-sample packsDec 6
Ghosthack Black Friday 2020Up to 79% off
Add 3 packs, get 1 free
-sample packsTBA
SoundSpot Plugins SaleUp to 96% off-pluginsDec 6
Surrealistic MG-1 Plus SynthesizerFREE (100% off)-pluginsn/a
Granulat Kontakt Library by Rigid Audio FREE (100% off)-KontaktDec 9
W. A. Production Black FridayUp to 97% off-sample packs, pluginsn/a
Function Loops Black Friday60% off everythingBLACKsample packsDec 8
95% OFF W.A Production Ultimate MIDI Bundle Sale
HighLife Samples Black Friday50% off all sample packs-sample packsNov 30
Heavyocity Black Friday SaleUp to 75% off-KontaktDec 7
Zampler Bundle by Zampler96% off-pluginsDec 2
Soundtoys Black Friday SaleUp to 70% off-pluginsDec 3
Waves Black FridayUp to 91% offBF60pluginsn/a
Audiofier Synth Bundle80% off-pluginsDec 7
Baby Audio Black FridayUp to 40% off-pluginsDec 6
Mode Audio Black Friday Sale50% off all sounds-sample packsn/a
MIA Laboratories Black Friday Massive SaleUp to 85% off-pluginsn/a
AAS Black Friday SaleUp to 63% off-pluginsDec 1
Myloops Black Friday 202060% off storewide
300 € raffle ticket entry for any order above 50 €
-sample packsDec 1
40% OFF VPS Avenger Synthesizer by Vengeance Sound
Shroom Samples Black Friday50% off all sample packs-sample packsNov 27
Exponential Audio Excalibur Sale (Exclusive)93% off-pluginsJan 7
Tek'it Audio Black Friday Sale50% off all plugins-pluginsDec 5
Klevgrand Cyber WeekUp to 50% off-pluginsDec 1
Black Friday Free Gift
Martinic Black Friday50% off all plugins-pluginsDec 5
Loot Audio Black Friday DealsUp to 70% off-plugins, sample packs
89% OFF Accusonus Drum Black Friday Sale
Loops de la Creme €100 CashbackOrders over €156 get €100 offGIMME100sample packsDec 2
Reason Studios Black Friday Sale30% off-pluginsNov 30
Modern Producers50% off everythingBFMP50sample packsNov 30
Boz Digital Labs Black Friday SaleUp to 80% off-pluginsDec 1
Accusonus Black Friday40% off-pluginsNov 30
93% OFF iZotope Iris 2 Sale (Exclusive)
Overloud Black FridayUp to 80% off products, bundles and upgrades-pluginsNov 29
Image-Line Black Friday Sale40% off pluginsDec 6
UJAM Black Friday Deals 2020Up to 72% off virtual instruments and effects-pluginsDec 6
W.A Production 2020 Production Bundle Sale95% off-pluginsDec 6
EastWest Black Friday50% off ComposerCloud Plus annual membership-pluginsn/a
Sonible Black Friday Dealsmart:comp for only € 49pluginsDec 1
iZotope Holiday Bundle Sale95% off-pluginsDec 8
Raw Loops Cyber-Week Sale40% off the entire store-sample packsn/a
Sonnox Black Friday SaleUp to 75% off-pluginsDec 3
Applied Acoustics Systems Happy ThanksgivingUp to 60% off-pluginsn/a
IK Multimedia Synth Bundle - 77% Off
Tom Wolfe F--k Black Friday, It's My BirthdayTBA-presetsNov 30
Antares Black FridayUp to 60% off-pluginsNov 30
Spitfire Audio The Black WeekendUp to 80% off-pluginsDec 1
Kilohearts Black Friday SaleUp to 43% off-pluginsDec 10
Sugar Bytes Black Friday SaleUp to 57% off-pluginsDec 6
Aria Sounds London Symphonic Strings89% off-KontaktDec 9
Prime Loops Quarantine DealsUp to 75% off-sample packsn/a
ADSR Sounds Holiday Sale 2020Up to 96% off-sample packs, pluginsDec 3
Loopmasters KHORDS Black Friday Sale (Exclusive)Up to 54% off-pluginsDec 3
Sugar Bytes Cyber WeekDiscounts up to 50%-pluginsDec 6
Melda Production Black Friday Sale50% off-pluginsNov 29
2CAudio Black FridayUp to 50% off-sample packsDec 7
60% OFF Bundles at Loopmasters
ProducerSpot Black FridayUp to 97% off-sample packs, pluginsNov 30
Tokyo Dawn Labs SaleUp to 41% off-pluginsDec 3
8dio The Everything Sale55% off all productsLOVEU55pluginsNov 30
Plugin Boutique VirtualCZ Black Friday Sale83% off-pluginsDec 6
Arturia Black Friday Sale50% off-pluginsDec 6
Audio Damage Black Friday 202050% off everythingBF2020pluginsn/a
Aberrant DSP Black Friday SaleUp to 50% off-pluginsDec 3
Image-Line Black Friday SaleUp to 82% off-software, pluginsNov 30
Audio Deluxe Hot DealsUp to 96% off-pluginsn/a
30% OFF Reveal Sound Spire Sale
Bitwig Winter Special20% off-softwareJan 10
W.A Production Puncher 2 Introductory Sale91% off-pluginsJan 14
KORG Black FridayUp to 50% off-pluginsNov 30
Black Rooster Audio Black Friday 2020Up to 90% off-pluginsn/a
United Plugins Black Friday SaleUp to 83% off-pluginsNov 29
Krotos Black Friday Sale50% off everything-pluginsDec 6
BeatSkillz Virtual Instrument Bundle87% off-pluginsDec 2
Lennar Digital Black Friday25% off Sylenth1BLFR2020pluginsDec 1
Plugin Boutique Black Friday
IK Multimedia Syntronik Synth Bundle77% off-pluginsDec 10
Arturia FX Collection Sale50% off-pluginsDec 3
Audentity Records Black FridayAll packs 60% offBF2020sample packsNov 30
Arturia V Collection 7 Sale50% off-pluginsDec 3
Big Fish Audio Black Friday SaleUp to 80% off-sample packs, Kontakt, pluginsDec 1
Serato Sample Sale50% off-pluginsDec 6
XLN Audio Black FridayUp to 50% off-pluginsNov 30
Wave Alchemy SaleUp to 90% off-sample packs, KontaktDec 6
D16 Group Black Friday Sale50% off-pluginsDec 1
Sonnox November SaleUp to 75% off-pluginsDec 3
Synthmaster Black Friday SaleUp to 85% off-pluginsNov 30
Output Black Friday SaleUp to 37% off-pluginsDec 6
Slate Digital Bigger Black Friday EverTBA-pluginsn/a
Loopmasters Black Friday Sales
Voxengo All in One Sale25% off-pluginsJan 1
Leapwing Audio Black Friday Sale40% off-pluginsDec 3
Reason Studios30% off Reason 11 & rack extensions-software, pluginsNov 30
Plugin Boutique StereoSavage Black Friday Sale60% off-pluginsDec 6
Output Biggest Sale of the Year35% off everything-plugins, KontaktNov 30
Polyverse Black Friday Sale50% off-pluginsDec 4
Wavesfactory Black Friday50% off everyting-plugins, KontaktDec 3
Vengeance Sound Sale40% off-pluginsDec 6
Polyverse Music Black Friday/ Cyber Monday50% off everything-pluginsNov 30
Wavesfactory Cassette Black Friday Sale50% off-pluginsDec 3
Cableguys Black FridayUp to 60% off-pluginsn/a
XLN Audio Black Friday SaleUp to 50% off-pluginsDec 1
Q Up Arts Black Friday50% offBlack Fridaysample packs, KontaktNov 30
Plugin Boutique BigKick Sale50% off-pluginsDec 6
Ueberschall Black FridayUp to 80% off-sample packs, pluginsDec 6
88% OFF SoundSpot NEVO Introductory Sale
Resonance Sound Black FridayUp to 70% off-sample packsDec 8
Audio Damage Black Friday Sale50% off-pluginsNov 29
Fracture Sounds Black Friday 2020Up to 40% off-pluginsNov 29
Audified Black Friday SaleUp to 80% off-pluginsn/a
ROLI Studio Sale50% off-pluginsJan 3
Volko Audio Black Friday Sale50% off all products-pluginsn/a
SoundMorph Black Friday50% off all products, bundles, upgradesBF2020sample packs, pluginsn/a
Sampleson Black Friday SaleUp to 59% off-pluginsDec 6
Sound Ex Machina Black Friday35% off all librariesBLACK2020sample packsDec 6
88% OFF SoundSpot FAT2 Introductory Sale
Synapse Audio Black Friday Sale30% off Dune 3, The Legend & Hydra-pluginsNov 30
Toontrack Black Friday Week DealsUp to 78% off-pluginsNov 30
UJAM Black Friday SaleUp to 50% off-pluginsDec 6
Mogwai Audio Tools Black FridayUp to 75% off-pluginsn/a
NoiseAsh Black FridayUp to 80% off-pluginsn/a
Audio Imperia Epic Black Friday SaleUp to 50% off-Kontakt, sample packsn/a
50% OFF Arturia Pigments 2 Sale
Thenatan Black FridayUp to 90% off-pluginsn/a
Oblivions Sound Lab Black FridayUp to 40% off-pluginsn/a
Loopmasters Bass Master Black Friday Sale (Exclusive)Up to 54% off-pluginsDec 3
MeldaProduction Black Friday Sale50% off everything-pluginsNov 30
Realitone Black FridayUp to 50% off-Kontaktn/a
Audiaire Black Friday Sale40% off-pluginsDec 3
3 months Loopcloud subscription for ONLY $3 + you receive FREE Bass Master plugin worth $89
Soundtrack Loops Black Friday60% off everything2020soundssample packsDec 3
Imaginando November Sale50% off all products-pluginsNov 30
DJ Swivel End of Year SaleUp to 51% off-pluginsJan 4
Slooply Black Friday70% off all plans-sample packs, subscriptionn/a
BeatSkillz SampleX Black Friday Sale50% off-pluginsDec 6
iZotope BreakTweaker Expanded95% off-pluginsDec 8
Audiotent Black Friday DealsUp to 25% off-sample packsDec 1
Nembrini Audio Crazy Black Friday75% off all products-pluginsNov 30
Sampletekk Black Friday/Prewinter Sale90% offprewinterKontaktNov 30
Plogue Black Friday Sale50% off-pluginsDec 1
Black Octopus Sound Black Friday SaleUp to 60% off-sample packsDec 6
Inertia Sound SystemsUp to 80% off-pluginsNov 30
Producer Loops Black Friday SaleUp to 80% off-sample packsn/a
Riemann Kollektion Cyber Week50% off everythingBLACK-2020sample packsNov 30
D16 Group Black Friday50% off all productsBLACK2020pluginsDec 1
Loop Cult Blck Frdy Sale50% off everythingBLCKFRDYsample packsn/a
Abletunes Black Friday25% off all packsBF25sample packsDec 2
A Sound Effect Black FridayUp to 79% off-sample packsn/a
Pyjama Planet Black Friday 2020Up to 80% off-KontaktDec 25
Samples From Mars Black FridayUp to 97% off-sample packsn/a
Samplesound Black Friday/Cyber Monday50% off everything50-BLACKCYBERsample packsDec 4
Sononym Black Friday50% offBLKPRICE20softwareDec 7


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