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    Behringer Announces SWING New 32-Key USB MIDI Controller Keyboard


    Behringer has announced the release of SWING, a 32-key USB MIDI controller keyboard with 64 step polyphonic sequencing, chord and arpeggiator modes.

    Behringer says SWING will give you full control over any synthesizer or virtual instrument in your DAW via USB or MIDI. The main highlights of SWING are its 64-step sequencer with an 8-note polyphonic sequence, perfect for progressions or to play over it. SWING has 32 compact-sized keys – the perfect balance between size and playability. One of the first things you’ll notice will be the pitch and modulation unit under the form of touch-strips.

    All the controls are concentrated on the left hand. There’s a Mode knob, allowing you to select up to 8 saved programs in Sequencer mode, while in Arpeggiator mode, you can select different playing orders such as up, down, inclusive, exclusive, random, note order, double up and double down modes. Select from 8 different time signatures with the Scale knob and adjust the tempo with the Tempo knob or the Tap button. Press the Record button to start recording a sequence. This also doubles as an Append button when holding down Shift. Use this along with the Stop/Clear Last button and you can edit your sequences and arpeggios on the fly.


    • Sequencer, arpeggiator & chord play modes
    • 32 compact-sized keys, with velocity and aftertouch
    • Tempo, variable
    • Mode, 8 position switch
    • Scale, 8 position switch
    • Shift, hold/chord, oct-/transpose, oct +/kybd play
    • Arp/seq toggle
    • Touch-strip Modulation
    • Touch-strip Pitch Bend
    • Transport (seq and arp): tap/rest/tie, record/append, stop/clear last, pause/play/restart
    • Connectors:
      • MIDI In/Out (5-pin DIN)
      • Sustain (1/4″ TS)
      • USB 2.0, micro type B
      • Sync (3.5 mm TRS in, out)
      • Sync selection – Dip switches select: internal, USB, MIDI, sync in
      • CV Outputs – 3.5 mm TS mod, gate, pitch
    • 9V AC/DC adapter (not supplied) or USB powered
    • Dimensions (H x W x D): 52 x 489 x 149 mm (2.0″ x 19.3″ x 5.9″)
    • Weight: 1.5 Kg (3.3 lbs)

    SWING will be available next week for $99 USD/€89 EUR.

    More information: Behringer

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