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    Download 6 FREE Premium Sample Packs at Slate Digital!


    Slate Digital is giving for free a bundle of 6 premium sample packs for Hip Hop, EDM, Pop, Trap etc. There is over 1.5 GB worth of loops, one-shots and MIDI files inside.

    Buckle up, because all 6 of Slate Digital’s custom sample packs are now YOURS FOR FREE. We’re talking about our all-new Hip-Hop sample pack & our 3 Vintage Drum collections. Our new EDM sample pack & our insane 808 Collection.

    And it’s All. Yours—over 1.5 GIGs of premium custom samples.

    The free sample packs are:

    Hip-Hop Sample Pack

    Get over 500 must-have Hip-Hop samples, including the hardest hitting drum one-shots & loops, insane melodies, massive, trunk-rattling 808s, MIDI and more to build amazing beats. Get more placements with an unbelievable Hip-Hop vibe unlike any other!

    EDM Sample Pack

    Make your electronic tracks come alive with over 500 custom sounds! We’re talking about melodic loops to die for, unreal vocal chops & FX, tons of drums—including custom one shots & loops—and MIDI files to put it all together. Everything you need to start producing killer tracks is here.

    808 Collection

    Get 60 world-class 808s to drop into your tracks today. From classic 808s straight from the machine to saturated 808 beasts, you are covered. Includes punchy, clean, hard-hitting 808s to fill your beats with massive low-end drama that will leave your fans shouting for more.

    Vintage Drums Vol 1

    Lay your hands on some of the most authentic, sought-after drum samples of the 1980s—the Linn Drum, Oberheim DMX, Roland TR-707, and more. There are also included an all-new set that blends these classic samples in new ways to give you the fattest drums you’ve ever heard.

    Vintage Drums Vol 2

    Get samples directly from the legendary TR-808 drum machine, captured in stunning detail & clarity. A new set of custom modern samples is also added to give your beats more depth & power than what you get with the TR-808. Snares that knock. Deep, round kicks. Crispy, clear hi-hats. It’s all here.

    Vintage Drums Vol 3

    Get ready for the incredible sounds of the iconic TR-909 drum machine, captured with crystal-clear accuracy. Known for its present, punchy hits, the TR-909 played a pivotal role in the development of EDM. Get ready for kicks & snares that leap out of your track, and hi-hats & percussion that instantly add brilliance.

    In order to download all these packs for free, simply insert your email address at Slate Digital. They will send you all the packs in one download directly into your inbox. Because there’s no information about how much this free promo will last, I advise you to grab the packs as soon as possible.

    More information: Slate Digital

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    1. Isn’t [Download 6 FREE Premium Sample Packs at Slate Digital] phishing?
      I sent them my email address,
      but they didn’t even send me a reply!

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