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    50% off Carbon Electra Subtractive Synth by Plugin Boutique!


    Plugin Boutique has announced 50% off Carbon Electra, its powerful and intuitive synth plugin for Windows and macOS.

    Carbon Electra is a four-oscillator subtractive synth with a modern feature set. It has been developed as an advanced learning tool whilst also being a powerful and easy-to-program synth. Being based on vintage analog routing and featuring flexible modulation options including an editable stepper and note performer.

    The graphical displays act as a comprehensive information tool as well as an accurate guide to each parameter change. Best of all, it sounds incredible.


    • Powerful synth engine that is easy to learn and use with no hidden menus
    • 4 Analog style sync-able oscillators with adjustable pulse width, frequency modulation, oscillator unison and multiple wave types including pitch-able noise
    • Ability to run the amp section “too hot” into the built in optional limiter at the main output, creating a modern hyper-compressed sound
    • Super flexible unison control ranging from subtle warmth to massive super saw or super square sound
    • Multiple stereo width parameters allowing high precision control of the stereo field
    • Ability to faithfully recreate classic analog sequences and acid lines with a modern twist by using note sequencer, editable nodes and unique filter modes
    • Create aggressive tones with the all-new distortion modes and oscillator unison

    Carbon Electra contains presets by artists such as Mike Huckaby, Kosheen, Freemasons, Carl Cox, DJ Pierre, D Product, and many more. The plugin versions available are VST 64-bit for Windows and VST/AU 64-bit for macOS.

    For a limited time only, you can buy it for only $25 at Plugin Boutique. Until November 15th, any purchase receives a free copy of Ozone 9, Neutron 3, or Nectar Elements by iZotope.

    More information: Plugin Boutique

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    1. There is a bug with this one.
      When you pick the preset, then close your saw and load it again, you lose that preset that you picked previously. It is very annoying.

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