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    UVI Launches Falcon 2.1 With Special Promo: 30% off & 2 Free Expansions


    UVI launches Falcon 2.1 with special promotion, includes new effects, new arp sequencer and probability scripts, 40 new wavetables, and 100 new factory presets, free for all existing users.

    The update includes 2 new effects, Magnetic Bass Shaper and Feedback Machine, 5 new scripts including Step Arp, Gate Mod, Gate Mod Poly, Gate Mod Bernoulli, and Chord Strum, an updated Arpeggiator with record, 40 new wavetables, 100 new factory presets, enhancements to the script API, UI scaling, and more.

    Falcon 2.1 adds two new effects to its library of over 90, Magnetic Bass Shaper, a bass-focused hysteretic saturater modeled after two famous inductors, adding punch while keeping the high frequencies clean, and Feedback Machine, a new effect rack that allows you to create your own custom effect chains with a customizable feedback loop.

    In addition to the new effects, Falcon 2.1 includes 5 new scripts, significantly enhancing its sequencing facility:

    • Step Arp script is a deeply customizable 16-step arpeggiator with per-step type, ratio, velocity, gate, CC modulation, repeats, pan, octave, pitch, and probability, with per-channel step length and randomization.
    • Gate Mod script is a probability-based utility that lets you introduce note skipping with beat protection, delay, and adaptive ratcheting, both with randomization.
    • Gate Mod Poly script provides the same functionality as Gate Mod but in a note-specific 8-channel format with note learn and auto-assign.
    • Gate Mod Bernoulli script is a 2-channel probability-based note router with learn, allowing you to randomly route a source note between two target notes with a probability knob.
    • Chord Strum script plays back held notes in a strum-like pattern with user-controllable speed.

    To mark the occasion, UVI is offering a special promotion of 30% off with 2 free Falcon Expansions. Users can choose from 15 available expansions (usually priced at $39 / 39€ each). This deal is available now, valid through October 18th, 2020. Additionally, every new license of Falcon includes a $100/100€ voucher good towards any subsequent purchase at uvi.net.

    Owners of Falcon can download Falcon 2.1 and the updated factory library through UVI Portal or “My Products” on uvi.net immediately, free of charge.

    Falcon and 2 free Falcon Expansions are available at the reduced price of $244/244€ through October 18th, 2020 (regularly $427/427€). Discount applied automatically when users add Falcon and 2 Falcon Expansions of their choice to their cart.

    More information: UVI

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