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    Synth Kick Is a FREE Kick and Bass Generator Instrument for HALion Sonic SE


    Freemusicproduction has announced the release of Synth Kick, a free kick and bass generator instrument for HALion Sonic SE (VST/AU).

    Synth Kick’s sound engine consists of a main wavetable oscillator, sub-oscillator, and a noise generator. Next, we find a common interface for mono, unison and glide, plus a fine-tune pitch.

    The filter interface comes with 9 predefined presets, 18 filter types, and typical controls such as cutoff, resonance, distortion. These controls can be dialed individually, but you can also use an X-Y pad which sums them all up.

    Moving on to the envelopes section, you can edit the levels for amplitude, filter, pitch, plus there’s a user envelope from where you can choose the destination and alter its shape, of course, but also the amount.

    Next, we find four stacks of LFOs, each with waveform & mode selector, frequency, shape, phase amount, and destination. The last section is a modulation matrix with 16 modulation forms.

    Synth Kick requires HALion Sonic SE, a free workstation plugin by Steinberg. Once you download and install it (VST/AU/AAX for Windows and macOS) you will have access to a plethora of libraries (free or commercial) that can be found on the internet.

    For example, a few weeks ago we wrote about Reggae E Guitar, or Novel Piano – both freeware, you may want to take a look at them also.

    Synth Kick is freeware/donationware.

    More information: Freemusicproduction

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