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    Get Screamo, Mutant Delay & Dodge Pro Plugins – ALL for Only $9.90


    W. A. Production has released Mystical Halloween Bundle, offering it at 91% off for a limited time! The bundle consists of three effect plugins: Screamo, Mutant Delay, and Dodge Pro.

    Wondering what really goes bump in the night? It’s the Halloween Bundle from W.A. Production!

    The Halloween Bundle includes three spooktacular plugins at a scary good price. Make your tracks SCREAM with Screamo, create a MONSTER with Mutant Delay, and make your sounds BITE with Dodge Pro. Trick or Treat yourself to this bundle today and you won’t regret it.

    Mutant Delay

    Mutant Delay is a host-synced delay plugin with a built-in ducker, perfect for vocal processing and many other applications. In the studio, we’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve had to set up convoluted sidechain and compression routing, just to achieve a ducked delay for our vocal lines.

    With Mutant Delay all that complexity is a thing of the past. Now you can easily replicate this popular mixing technique with just one plugin and a couple of clicks, allowing you to dial in extreme delay effects whilst maintaining clarity of the original signal.


    • Host-synced delay
    • Built-in internal ducker with compressor-style controls
    • Many presets for a wide range of delay parameters
    • Click free bypass control
    • 2 filtering modes (straight dampening & increasing over time)
    • Straight and ping-pong delay with multiple note divisions
    • Real-time waveform display
    • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video


    Screamo is a crazy concept that just works! W. A. Production have taken distortion to the next level by wrapping up several familiar ideas within one plugin, resulting in a talk-box/screamer hybrid that can groove along with your track.

    Forget about complex audio routing and syncing up multiple LFOs. With Screamo that’s handled for you as half of the plugin interface features a dedicated waveform shaper that can modulate resonant filters, distortion, and gain to add life to any audio.


    • 25 Creative Presets for one-click transformations
    • 3 Smear modes
    • 3 Distortion types
    • 5 Sync modulation wave shapes with adjustable start points
    • Sync speed control with straight, triplet and dotted rhythms
    • Real-time output level display and gain
    • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video

    Dodge Pro

    Dodge Pro takes the sidechain processing concept and pushes it into the stratosphere with not just sidechain ducking functions, but also rhythmic motifs, gated rhythms, and special fx.

    Choose from the many presets or draw your own amplitude shapes using point-and-drag nodes, surgical drawing tools and 3 independent frequency bands. Assign up to 12 scenes via MIDI and tweak to your heart’s content, with multiple curve types and note divisions.


    • Comprehensive multiband volume shaping
    • Adjustable 3-band EQ volume automation
    • Smooth and glitch-free
    • Advanced line editor
    • Responsive & CPU friendly
    • MIDI triggered scenes
    • Factory presets & randomization
    • Full PDF Manual & Tutorial video

    The plugins are available in VST/AAX/AU versions for Windows and macOS.

    Mystical Halloween Bundle costs only $9.90 for a limited time (reg. price $107).

    Until November 2nd, any purchase at W. A. Production receives a free copy of Savage Future Bass Bundle 2 sample pack.

    More information: W. A. Production

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